Skip Bin Sizes

Express Bins is a Perth based, family owned and operated skip bin hire business which prides itself on old fashioned yet fast, friendly and efficient service. We have 6 different bin sizes available for your skip needs. If you’re unsure what size you need or would like a quote for a bin just call our office and speak to our friendly office staff on (08) 9246 1688.


trailer trailer trailer
– Equivalent to 3 trailer loads or 8 wheelie bins


trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer
– Equivalent to 5 trailer loads or 11 wheelie bins


trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer
– Equivalent to 6 trailer loads or 16 wheelie bins


trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer
– Equivalent to 9 trailer loads or 24 wheelie bins


trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer
– Equivalent to 12 trailer loads or 32 wheelie bins


trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer  trailer trailer trailer
– Equivalent to 15 trailer loads or 42 wheelie bins